Manoj Kacharia

Taking the reins from the family patriarch at the tender age of 18, Manoj Kacharia established the business in the industrial sector supplying accessories during the initial phase of Prabhat Cables. An ardent traveler he established the business traveling the length and breadth of the country.

With the knowledge base of the economy starting in the early developmental stages during the late eighties Manoj Kacharia built the reputation of the company from the grass root level. A little over the mid eighties Polycab had launched itself officially and was slowly but steadily garnering business and repute. But as is the case of all good brand building it takes commitment of dedicated personnel who are willing to vouch for the business and its products which is sometimes a very odd gamble for the people staking both their business source and repute. Despite having personal contacts spanning well over the expanse of the country Manoj Kacharia chose to commit himself and the company to Polycab in the early stages of the economy. He was the first among few who chose Polycab over other competitors. In the pre industrial and pre economic boom of the economy he faced the daunting task of getting Polycab certified, approved as a brand let alone making it the prime choice at the time.

He played a key role in getting the certifications and approvals in the industrial sector.
He currently holds the position of Managing Director at Prabhat Cables. He now chooses to be the go to person for expertise when it comes to right judgment about sales as he holds immense knowledge and respect.
Managing Director