Viral Kacharia

He represents the next generation of Prabhat Cables. After completing a Family Managed Business degree from S.P Jain he now holds the delicate task of balancing the expanding knowledge base of the company and also the future direction that Prabhat Cables is now headed for in the 21st century.

He manages the critical and key elements of personal liaisons with new and emerging market leaders. With a collective knowledge base of over 60 years put together by his peers backing him he holds the unique responsibility of creating new business while maintaining the existing clientele and patrons.

He earned his merit in the company by striking one of the single biggest deals for the company in the company’s recent past. He is proving his mettle of a promising future of Prabhat Cables. An avid traveler much like Manoj, Viral too loves to travel the country in search of new clients and building more business relations.